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手工水彩顏料 Handmade watercolor (Glitter night sky 4 colors)

香港手工製造 made in Hong Kong


  • 精選源自法國、日本純色粉,當中有美國環保天然Natural Earth Paint色粉 Premium selected pigments from France and Japan. Eco-series from the USA
  • 高品質專業顏料級別,粘合劑成分天然安全 Artist grade quality, binder made with natural ingredients which is safe to use
  • 木盒每格大約1ml Each woodbox compartment is about 1ml



4 colors glitter night sky : Glitter turquoise, glitter blue, glitter purplish-blue, glitter black





所有水彩均是全人手製造,每隻顏色的克數會有些少誤差如有輕微瑕 疵、凹凸或裂痕等等情況,此實屬正常。使用後建議抹乾或等待水彩的表面乾透後才合上木盒,以免出現發霉的情況。

Please note that each watercolor is handmade, so minor variations in weight and occasional flaws are normal. To prevent mold, we recommend either dry wiping or allowing the watercolor surface to dry completely before closing the wooden box.

木盒裝手工水彩 (閃閃夜空4色 ) Wooden Box Handmade Watercolor (Glitter night sky)

  • 4色木盒裝手工水彩 (閃閃夜空 ) Wooden Box Handmade Watercolor (Glitter night sky)
    香港手工製造 made in Hong Kong

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